Terms of Use

Terms of Use

  • Riders must have read the rules and regulations before riding the ATV.
  • ATV ride is available for kids four years old and above.
  • Always wear your helmet and safety gear while riding the ATV.
  • Strictly NO Food/drinks in the tracks.
  • Each ATV session is up to 15 minutes only.

Indemnity and Hold harmless


    This signed agreement shall become effective as of the date of its execution and shall be effective for as long as Mud Krank continues to exist as a business entity.  
    • This agreement is a legally binding document. By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions stated herein.
    • I further acknowledge and waive my rights to not sue Mud Krank, its owners, partners, affiliates and employees for any injury, liability and damage on my property during my time at Mud Krank.


I understand and acknowledge that ATV riding has inherent safety risks. It is my responsibility to follow the rules and regulations set forth by Mud Krank. In participating in this activity, I accept all the risks and liabilities from ATV riding.


I agree to indemnify and hold harmless  Mud Krank, its owners, partners, affiliates, employees, and manufacturers from and against all liabilities, claims, damages, losses, demands, lawsuit costs and expenses, including attorney fees arising out of or resulting from my negligence or misconduct in connection with participating in the activity.

As I fully acknowledge the risks of injury and death that may result from ATV riding in the facility, I and on behalf of minors/children hereby hold myself responsible and agree that Mud Krank, its owners, partners, affiliates, employees and manufacturers will not be held liable for any claim/demands, obligations/causes of actions of any nature associated with my/our participation. I release, waive and discharge Mud Krank, its owners, partners, affiliates, employees, manufacturers and all persons authorised by it from any liability or claims made by other individuals/entities as a result of my/our participation.

Further, I hereby certify, acknowledge and agree on behalf of myself and minor/children for which I am responsible that I am (we are) physically and mentally capable of participating in ATV riding.

I have read, understood and agreed to all the matters stated in this agreement.

Mud Krank Rules and Regulations

  • Riders must wear long pants and covered shoes such as sports shoes, boots and sneakers. Riders with improper footwear will not be allowed to play and there will be no refund.
  • Riders and visitors must check in at the front desk at least 15 minutes before their session commences. They are not to proceed directly to the track without consent from Mud Krank’s staff.
  • All riders must sign a liability waiver before riding the ATV.
  • Before the ATV ride, the riders must double-check their setup. Mud Krank’s staff will check the equipment and confirm with the riders if the ATVs are good to go.
  • Immediately report any problems to the staff, e.g. weak battery, near-accidents, loose holds.
  • Always keep the track area clear; park your ATVs on one side of the track.
  • Food/drinks are not permitted in the area. We observe a strict no littering policy.
  • Courses and lessons in progress have priority on track. If an instructor requires the track you’re on, you may be asked to move into another route.
  • Everyone using the Mud Krank ATV facility is expected to respect other individuals in the facility and conduct themselves in good order. Any person deemed by the Management to be behaving in an unsafe or disorderly fashion will be asked to leave the facility.
  • Mud Krank’s staff reserve the right to revoke riding privileges at any time at its discretion.
  • I have read, understood and agreed to abide by the rules and regulations set by Mud Krank.