Rules and Regulations

COVID19 Safety Measures
  • It is compulsory for everyone who enters and leaves Mud Krank to check-in and check-out via the Trace Together app.
  • Adults and children above 12 years old must be vaccinated
  • If you are attending an event, please stay within the designated area
  • The maximum group size is 5 (kids and adults included)
  • Groups are not allowed to intermingle
  • Masks on at all times except while eating/drinking
Rider Requirements:
Junior ATVs 
Age group: 4 to 12 years old
Weight limit: up to 50kg 
Advance ATVs
Age group: 13 years old and above

Weight limit: up to 90kg 
Height Limit: 1.50m onwards

Rider Attire:
  • Wear comfortable long pants
  • It is compulsory to put on covered shoes such as sports shoes, boots, and sneakers. Riders with improper footwear will not be allowed to play and there will be no refund or reschedule.
  • Helmet, elbow guard, and knee guard will be provided at no cost. You can bring your own too.

You may want to bring a change of clothes and footwear as it can get muddy!

On session day:

  • Riders and visitors must check-in at the front desk at least 15 minutes before their session commences. They are not to proceed directly to the track without consent from Mud Krank’s staff.
  • All riders must sign a liability waiver before riding the ATV.
On track reminders:
  • Before the ATV ride, the riders must check their setup. Mud Krank’s staff will check the equipment and confirm with the riders if the ATVs are good to go.
  • Immediately report any problems to the staff, e.g. weak battery, near-accidents, loose holds.
  • Always keep the track area clear and park your ATVs on one side of the track.
  • We do not allow food or drinks on the track. We observe a strict no-littering policy.
  • Courses and lessons in progress have priority on track. If an instructor requires the track you’re on, you may be asked to move into another route.
  • Everyone using the Mud Krank ATV facility is expected to respect other individuals in the facility and conduct themselves in good order. Any person deemed by the Management to be behaving in an unsafe or disorderly fashion will be asked to leave the facility.
  • Mud Krank’s staff reserve the right to revoke riding privileges at any time at their discretion
Wet weather plans:
None! We love muddy tracks so the sessions will continue be it rain or shine.
Be rest assured that we are always on top of NEA announcements to look out for bad weather. Should we need to stop the operation due to hazardous weather or situation, your session will be postponed. No refunds will be given and no-show tickets will be forfeited under any circumstances.