Yes, you are allowed to bring food and drinks. Eating is permitted in a designated area. But we do not allow food/drinks on the track

Children as young as four years old can ride the ATV with a supervising adult.

Yes. To enjoy and ride ATVs safely, drive responsibly and wear proper gear. Don’t overtake and follow the rules and regulations.

You are not required to have a driving license. However, we require everyone to undergo training with the staff before you ride the ATV.

It is recommended that you wear closed-toe shoes, pants and long sleeves to protect yourself from dirt and prolonged exposure to the sun. Wear the helmet and safety gear provided by Mud Krank.

Tickets are non-refundable, but we allow transfers of schedule. For more information, read our Cancellation Policy.

There should be no problem riding an ATV under the rain as long as there is no Lightning Alert and the surroundings deemed safe by Mud Krank. Slow down when it’s raining.